Thursday, November 10, 2011

White Infrastructure counters Black Undertow

by Ben N. Indiana

Black Undertow is a phenomenon unique to population centers where individuals of African ancestry comprise a substantial segment of the areas’ demographics. It is characterized by depressed economies, excelled criminal activity, violence, vice and failing schools.

Black Undertow is evident in areas such as Detroit, Los Angeles, and Jefferson County, Alabama. What is also evident, but often overlooked, is the White Infrastructure that remains in these areas.

White Infrastructure props up areas plagued by Black Undertow and allows them to continue functioning.

The White Infrastructure that allows these areas to subsist include:

• State and federal government funding, compliments of White taxpayers.
• Law enforcement from White-dominated State and Federal agencies such as the FBI, DEA, etc.
• Technology developed and maintained by White innovation, such as utilities, Internet and cellular phone service.
• White owned and financed shopping facilities where EBT cards are used to access food which is also from the White infrastructure.
• Etc.

While the White Infrastructure is severely crippled by Black Undertow, it remains.

Not only is White Infrastructure evident in black dominated population centers, it also seen internationally. Haitians, for example, would have simply starved after the recent earthquakes had it not been for White Infrastructure. Likewise, White Infrastructure continues to prop up virtually all of sub-Saharan Africa. Without the intervention of White people, black Africa would lapse into a disease-ravaged region and revert to stone-age existence.

The past

White Infrastructure has always been essential to humanity. One needs only to consider the living conditions that prevailed in black Africa and Americas prior to the year 1492.

In fact, White Infrastructure is evident from the onset of civilization and beyond.

In a culture where information is censored by diversity-driven political correctness, few are aware that White ingenuity was behind the advanced civilization of Egypt. The Great Pyramids were constructed by Egyptians whose DNA compares to that of today’s White Europeans. Hushed by international news agencies was the recent revelation that Egyptian monarch, Tutankhamen, was a White man.

According to a Reuters news report, “ . . . King Tut belonged to a genetic profile group, known as haplogroup R1b1a2, to which more than 50 per cent of all men in Western Europe belong, indicating that they share a common ancestor.”

The report confirmed that today’s Egyptians are virtually unrelated to the ancient Egyptians. “Among modern-day Egyptians this haplogroup contingent is below 1 per cent, according to iGENEA,” the report said.[1]

The Greek and Romans civilizations that enhanced world technology and science were also Caucasian.

The future

Some predict a dire future for America, noting Western culture is being preempted by the invasion of non-White ethnic groups. They point to the economic depletion of California, for example, that correlates with the ‘Hispanization’ of that state. They point to the a fore mentioned areas of Haiti, Detroit, Los Angeles, and Jefferson County, Alabama as harbingers of America’s future.

Sadly, their predictions are short sighted.

When we consider that American regions plagued by Black Undertow are maintained by White Infrastructure, we must face the fact that our future will be much worse. We face a future America that is dominated by Black Undertow, but without White Infrastructure. The same is true of Europe, Canada, Australia and all of the Eurosphere.

Without White Infrastructure, human civilization is doomed to an future not dissimilar to that of pre-Columbian black Africa and the Americas. In other words, the demise of Western Culture and its infrastructure may be the permanent end of human civilization.

Granted, the Chinese have adopted and exploited Western ingenuity. The Chinese, however, have contributed little to new innovation and invention. That lack of contribution may be attributed to excessive government domination. But innovation and invention has been lacking in other East Asian nations where economies have been free from government intervention.

Furthermore it should be considered that East Asians tend to lack the benevolence evident in Western Culture. It is doubtful that East Asians would donate massive food and medical aid to sub-Saharan Africans. It is difficult to imagine a contingency of Chinese medical professionals descending on future crisis points such as Haiti. It is doubtful that Chinese television will ever feature heart-tugging advertisements pleading for donations for poverty-stricken brown children.

The conclusion

White people who support the balkanization of the Eurosphere and cheer the destruction of their own race are inadvertently destroying the very infrastructure that provides non-Whites with an extraordinarily high quality of life. They are also unwittingly pressing towards the destruction of human civilization.



  1. And don't forget: we ALL come from black skin. You forgot that part!

  2. And they EVOLVED past black skin.
    If you had a modicum of IQ, you'd realize you'd leave yourself open to such response.