Sunday, December 25, 2011

The crime family

There is a relationship between poverty and violent crime. It is not, however, a cause-and-effect relationship.

We incorrectly conclude that poverty is the parent that gives birth to violent crime. In reality, low intelligence is the parent that often births poverty and violent crime. Poverty and violent crime, then, should be thought of siblings.

Low intelligence, poverty and crime are often members of one family, particularly in free market societies. Low intelligence is the parental cause. Poverty and violent crime are the offspring effects.

That's not to say that all dull people are violent criminals, nor are all violent criminals dull. It is to say that, on an average, violent criminals tend to be intellectually challenged.


If violent crime were birthed by low income, we would expect it to substantially decrease among wealthy persons, regardless of intellect. We find, however, that violent crime continues among professional athletes with annual incomes that range from $900,000 to $11-million or more. Specifically, we find that wealthy black athletes are more likely to commit violent crimes than their wealthy White counterparts. Black entrepreneurs, on the other hand, generally have higher intellectual abilities and are less likely to commit violent crimes than wealthy black athletes, even though their personal wealth is compatible.


Persons with low intellects often display a lack of discernment regarding consequences. They do not draw an effective correlation between a violent crime and a prison term. The fact that our prisons are populated with persons of low intellectual skills is an indictment against a foolish public policy.


Public policy, then, is doomed to failure if it is driven by the false notion that poverty births violent crime. However, when public policy acknowledges that low intellect births violent crime and poverty, it may deal with both more effectively and efficiently. Currently public policy is driven by so-called 'political correctness' that refuses to acknowledge the correlation between low intellectual abilities and violent crime. Specifically, public policy refuses to acknowledge the intellectual disparity between White and black ethnic groups. Government invests futile efforts is erasing economic disparity between blacks and Whites when, in reality, the disparity is intellectual.

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