Sunday, January 29, 2012

White washing black history

White racists believe that black history is so repugnant that it must be White washed.

Realists believe black history is what it is and should be related as it happened without politically correct annotation, ignoring events that would undermine social engineering, or dishonestly enhancing the past to obtain a desired outcome.

With those thoughts in mind, we offer these overlooked bits of black history that defy political correctness.

• 1770 - 40 percent of White households in Manhattan own Black slaves

• 1770 - There are more slaves in the colony of New York than in Georgia

• 1917 - Black soldiers mutiny in Houston, Texas | source

• 1944 - Black soldiers mutiny in Townsville, Australia | source

• 1955-75 - Black soldiers were underrepresented in Viet Nam (10.6%) | source

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