Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Why White people believe nonsense


The human mind is oriented to accept that which is comforting and reject that which is discomforting.

Although the mind can distinguish between truth and nonsense it is inclined to reject truth that is discomforting and accept nonsense that is comforting.

Two key components of mind control include:

• Cause subjects to be psychologically comforted when entertaining thoughts desired by the controller(s).

• Cause subjects to be psychologically discomforted when entertaining thoughts undesired by the controller(s).

Again, the mind is inclined to replace truth with nonsense when the truth is discomforting and the nonsense if comforting.

White people unwittingly allow their minds to be controlled by these two (and other) methods.


Our minds are conditioned to be discomforted by racial reality and comforted by the absurdities of diversity. We reject reality for nonsense ... and feel good about it.

Example: If you mention to most White people that 52% of homicides are committed by less than 13% of the population,[1] they will reject that discomforting thought and sooth the discomfort with accusations of racism.

Similarly, most White people cannot accept the obvious genetic predispositions of blacks that produce a violent, criminal culture. Nor can they acknowledge that the consistent failure of black communities, such as Detroit, is due to genetic drivers.

Our minds are comforted with a false sense of altruistic morality and enlightenment.

Example: A little White girl was severely beaten by black classmates on a school bus earlier this month. There was no outrage within the White community. The reason? Our minds are comforted by a false altruism that integration is supremely moral. We refuse to demand segregated buses because we are comforted by a false enlightenment that rejects segregation.

In short, we've been told WHAT to think, not HOW to think.


We can reclaim our minds through calibration. That occurs when we intentionally discomfort our minds with unpleasant realities while replacing false enlightenment with true enlightenment.

Here's an exercise. View the movie Red Tails. Be conscious of the fact that your mind is being manipulated to reject the reality that black failure is due to genetic predispositions. Note the movie begins by informing your mind that, in 1925, 'unenlightened' authorities viewed black soldiers as being incompetent.

Then calibrate your mind by noting that over half of the black males ages 18-64 in Milwaukee are unemployed.[2] Ask yourself if the black dilemma in Milwaukee is due to White racism or genetics.

Here's another exercise. Rent To Kill A Mockingbird on DVD. Note that your mind is being manipulated to be discomforted when it entertains thoughts of black-on-White violence. It is being comforted to excuse black-on-White violence.

You may also want to watch episodes the the TV movie, Roots. Rather than absorb this historical fiction as fact, mentally challenge its credibility. Ask why this and other antebellum movies fail to acknowledge that in 1830 there were 3,375 black families in the South who owned black slaves. Or that by 1860 there were about 3,000 black households in New Orleans alone that were slaveholders. Question the reliability of a story that omits the historical fact that about 90 percent of Africans taken to America as slaves were previously owned by other black Africans and sold to the slave traders.

Then calibrate your mind by noting that nearly half of all violent crimes are committed by less that 3 percent of the population; black males between the ages of 18 and 49.

Apply preventative maintenance by reading,, and other intelligent, non-reactionary Web cites.

"...and the truth shall set [your mind] free."

1. Race and crime in the United States
2. UWM report lists staggering unemployment statistics for African-American males

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