Sunday, March 4, 2012

Genetic traits and denial

Sandy Allen stood 7 feet, 7.24 inches tall.

The Guinness Book of World Records proclaimed Allen to the be the tallest woman in the world; a title she held for years.

One could argue -- erroneously -- that Allen's height proves that women are as tall as men. Such an argument, of course, is nonsense.

W.E.B. DuBois was an intellectual.

He graduated from Harvard where he became the first black American to earn a doctorate degree.

One could argue -- erroneously -- that DuBois' intellect proves that blacks are as intelligent as Whites. That argument, again, is nonsense.

Allen's stature and DuBois brain have virtually no effect on norms and averages. Allen's  height does not prove that women are taller, shorter or of equal stature to men. DuBois' intellect does not prove that blacks are smarter, dumber or intellectually equal to Whites.

Nonetheless there are those who point to the brilliance of gifted blacks as slam-dunk evidence. It disproves overwhelming scientific evidence that white people, on average, are more intelligent than blacks.

They adhere to an irrational dogma of social theory. That theory postulates that disparities in intelligence between ethnic groups is falsified by environment. When the environment is altered to accommodate under-performing ethnic groups, the disparities will disappear.

Both academic research and overwhelming real-life experience and observation defies their opinions. Nonetheless, the persevere. That compels us to ask, "Why?" There is a reason.

Pressing an agenda

There are those whose world view sees Western culture as a global bully. Europeans are colonialists who dominate other peoples, particularly those of the Southern hemisphere. As long as that domination persists, people of color will never experience a quality of life on parity with the West. In their minds, the problem is not a disparity of intellectual ability. It is an economic disparity that can only be remedied by redistributing the wealth of the Western world. That solution will be realized when the Eurosphere is overwhelmed through migration from the Third World.

The problem with that world view can be summed in two simple words: It's wrong.

The economic disparity that has existed for millenia  between Europe and Third World nations is wholly intellectual.

What is true on a global scale is also observed in multi-cultural societies.

To drive through a major American metropolitan area is to experience by observation the gradation of intelligence. To wind one way through low-rent, black-dominated ghettos and emerge surrounded by the manicured-lawns of Whitopia is to journey through areas inhabited by adults with low IQs and arrive in an area where the populace is more intelligent.

It is true that such a drive allows one to observe economic disparity. That disparity, however, is the effect of varying intelligence. Smart people are generally more capable of earning higher incomes than those less blessed.

Forcing neighborhoods to integrate through housing initiatives will do nothing to bridge the gap. Section-8 high rises erected in suburbia and populated with black people will do nothing to resolve the disparity. The disparity is innate. It is genetic. Only the most foolish would suppose that force-merging ethnic groups could alter the DNA of those less capable of earning a living.

Furthermore, forcing government schools to racially integrate cannot erase the disparity of academic performance between black and white students. Oddly, those who advocate integrated schools as a remedy for low academic performance among black students fail to acknowledge that the brain is physiological component of human anatomy. It's function is genetically predetermined as is skin tone, hair texture and skeletal structure. It is foolish to suppose that integrating schools would cause the skin color of blacks to lighten, their hair to straighten, or their skeletal structure to morph into that of their White schoolmates.

Advocates of integration are undeterred. In spite of decades of practical evidence to the contrary, they adhere to the theory that placing black and white students in identical educational environments will remove the racial disparity in academic performance. Forced integration, they conclude, is the only means to assure absolute identical environments. The concept of 'separate but equal' is anathema to integrationists.

Killing the golden goose

The destruction of Western culture, therefore, cannot resolve the disparities between ethnic groups.

What, then, will be the outcome?

Once Western culture is disabled, the resources of the White infrastructure will disappear. European nations will no longer be capable of sending aid to sub-Saharan Africans. Television commercials pleading for white viewers to send money to support brown children in Central and South America will grow silent. There will be no cash to fund EBT cards or underwrite Section-8 housing. Welfare systems will collapse. Society norms of peace and tranquility will be impossible to maintain.

In other words, the intentional erosion of White culture will have severe consequences for people of color who are dependent upon that culture for survival. Advocates of diversity are destroying the very people they claim to be helping. They are killing the goose that lays the golden egg.

[The development of this article is in progress.]

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