Thursday, March 8, 2012

Myths persist: Race of serial killers and school shooters

Recent news has turned our attention to serial killers and school shooters. Both groups are stereotypically presumed to be White; or mostly White.

The truth is: Serial killers are not atypically White. In fact the FBI reports that, based on U.S. population percentages, White serial killers are not more common than other races.

Recently in the news is Vincent Groves, a black serial killer who was imprisoned after killing twelve people. Groves emerged in this news this week after DNA evidence linked him to four other murders.

The recent school shooting in Ohio last week focused our attention on similar tragedies. Again, most Americans believe the stereotypical profile that school shooters are almost always White. Statistics, however, prove otherwise. 55 percent of school shooters are black.

Blacks comprise 13 percent of America's population.


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